Detained Bahraini traced to UAE jail


He is to be released as soon as the UAE authorities complete investigation.

The National Justice Movement has been following up the case along with those of three others detained in Saudi.

They include Abdulraheem Al Murbati, who was arrested on similar charges in June 2003, freed Guantanamo Bay detainee Abdulla Majid Al Nuaimi, arrested at a Saudi checkpoint at the King Fahad Causeway in October, and Hassan Yabis, rounded up at a Saudi checkpoint on August 11.

"His family contacted me and said Khalil had contacted them from the prison he was held in on the first day of Eid Al Adha," said group freedom committee head Mohammed Janahi.

"He told them that he was doing fine and being treated properly.

"This is a very positive initiative by the UAE government in addition to admitting that they had Khalil with them."

Mr Janahi urged the authorities to speed up investigation and release Mr Janahi.

"They will find that there is nothing against him because he was randomly arrested by the Saudi authorities and charged with nothing for more than a year," he said.

Meanwhile, sister Umm Ebrahim said when they spoke to Mr Janahi, the latter said the UAE authorities were carrying out investigation.

"He said the investigation was put on hold because of Eid Al Adha and will resume after the holidays," she said.

"I know they will take a very long time with their investigation which is not necessary."

Umm Ebrahim believed that the phone calls she made to activists and the Saudi and UAE authorities resulted in tracing his whereabouts.

"The whole family was so happy the day he called because we relaxed a little after all the stress of not knowing where he had been or whether he was dead or alive," she said.

"Now what is left is his release and that is when everyone will be really happy to have him back home."


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