Dress code campaign soon in Qatar




The Ministry’s public relations department will embark on a campaign covering eight crucial points targeting expatriates and the new visitors. “Respect for the customs in dressing’ will be the first focus of the campaign. Brochures and flyers will be distributed across the country soon,” the sources said.

“The printing works of brochures and flyers in different languages including Arabic, English, Urdu and India’s regional language Malayalam are in the final stages. The Ministry is expected to kick-start its campaign after the current festival season,” he added.

The brochure, a sample copy which was made available to The Peninsula says: “The State of Qatar is a conservative Arab country and has its own traditions and customs derived from the originality of its history and people brought up on Islamic religious values. So please respect these customs in your dressings.

“If your are here on visit/business/work, obey the laws of this country and your respect to these laws will help you to avoid violations…..” the guidelines continue.

Unlike some of its neighbouring countries, Qatar has been liberal with visitors over their outfits. However, over the last few years, the country has been witnessing an increasing number of youngsters wearing skimpy and often revealing clothing raising eyebrows of at least a section of nationals, though not everyone. They are apprehensive that the women who appear in public like decadent models will endanger Qatar’s traditional values. They were also worried that the foreigners, including those from some Arab nations, are misusing this freedom and pushing it to its limits.


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