Drug menace prevalent among GCC school students


The three-day forum on ‘Ways to fight drug and liquor addiction’ is being organised by a committee at the Interior Ministry.

The panel’s main job is to create awareness against drug abuse and consumption of alcohol.

Al Mughaisib, an expert, cited several factors behind the increasing abuse of drugs among school students in the entire region and said they mostly believe that it enhances sexual performance and intelligence.

This is a misconception, so there is a need to create an effective awareness campaign.

Broken family, ill-treatment of youngsters by their parents, problems to with studies and more leisure time are some of the major reasons behind the increasing prevalence of drug menace among the school students, he said.

Many other experts presented papers at the forum. Earlier, is his opening address, Brigadier Saad bin Jassem Al Khulaifi, Director of Public Security, said the committee keeps holding such fora frequently.

"This is the third year in a row that we have been holding this forum," he said.


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