Embassies must defend Saudis detained abroad




The daily said starting next year, the budget of the Foreign Ministry would include provisions under the title, "Expenses of catering to the judicial requirements of Saudi citizens abroad."

It said the amount of money required would be decided by the Foreign and Finance ministries and the allocation would be used to pay the fees of lawyers, bail and other costs until the citizen is released and sent home.

The Saudi missions will follow up with the legal entities in countries concerned to make sure that the citizens receive a fair trial before they are either acquitted or convicted, the new regulations stipulate.

According to these regulations, the citizen will pay back the money spent on him abroad after returning to the Kingdom if he was arrested for negligence or for deliberate mistakes. He will also have to pay any financial settlements related to the alleged crime.

The diplomatic missions will send comprehensive reports about any such cases to the Foreign Ministry. They will also continue to provide citizens with legal counseling and help them choose qualified lawyers for civil contracts, personal affairs and correspondence with foreign governments.

The Foreign Ministry is being requested to contract an experienced American law firm with strong ties to other legal entities in order to assist with legal cases involving Saudi citizens in the United States.



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