Ethiopia severs diplomatic ties with Qatar


Ethiopia cited Qatar’s "strong ties" with its arch-foe Eritrea, and alleged support to armed opposition groups within Ethiopia as well as to Islamist insurgents in Somalia, where Addis Ababa sent troops in 2006 to prop up a weak government.

"The Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia has decided to break diplomatic relations with the State of Qatar," said a government statement."Ethiopia has displayed considerable patience towards Qatar’s attempts to destabilise our sub-region and, in particular, its hostile behaviour towards Ethiopia," the statement said.

"All those who are prepared to foment instability in Ethiopia and undermine the country’s security have been given support and encouragement by Qatar." The statement also accused Qatar of using its "media outlets" to undermine Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian authorities have imposed a news blackout on the vast area populated by Somali-ethnic Muslims and slapped touch restrictions on humanitarian work.


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