EU Parliament President calls for closer cooperation with GCC


"Its very important that the GCC and the European Parliament and the European Union have good relations and the visit of the ambassadors is a symbol that we continue our good cooperation and that we even want to improve it," Poettring told the Kuwait News Agency, KUNA, after the one-hour meeting in his office at the EP.
Poettering , who hails from Germany, said he visited some of the GCC countries at the end of last year in order to strengthen ties between the 27-member EU and the GCC.
"I am very much committed to the dialogue of cultures and we must continue discussion about our relations," he added.


The GCC ambassador to the EU, Amal Al-Hamad, said they discussed EU-GCC ties, the Arab peace initiative for the Middle East and regional issues.


"It was a very good meeting and a nice discussion," al-Hamad told KUNA.
She noted that it was a farewell meeting as Poettering will be leaving his post following the European Parliament elections in June.


However, Poettering will again be contesting the elections from his country. "We wished him all success," said al-Hamad.


Kuwait’s ambassador to Brussels, Nabeela al-Mulla, told KUNA that she pointed out to the EP President the change in the outlook of the administration of the new US President Barack Obama and his review of the war on terror something that should be taken note of.Ambassadors of Oman, Sheikh Ghazai Abdullah al-Rawas, whose country holds the current GCC Presidency, of Bahrain Muhammad Abdul Ghaffar, of Qatar Sheik Meshal bin Hamad al-Thani, of Saudi Arabia Abdallah al-Mouallimi, and of the UAE Mohammaed Salem Obedi al-Suweidi also attended the meeting.



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