Fight against poverty top priority – Qahtani


Dr. Al-Qahtani was elected the new chairman of the society on Thursday. Al-Qahtani took over from Dr. Bandr Al-Hajar after his appointment as deputy chairman of the Shoura (Consultative) Council.

The NHRS, Dr. Al-Qahtani said, will pursue the policies adopted by Dr. Al-Hajar and look into issues concerning the citizens. These issues are of great importance, he said, pledging to give them his utmost attention during his tenure.

Dr. Al-Qahtani pointed out that the society’s General Assembly had approved the financial and administrative report and the one pertaining to the society’s achievements in the past five years. Besides, the budget for the new fiscal year has also been approved. He mentioned that the assembly postponed amendments to some of the society’s rules to the next meeting to give more time to the members to study them.

Meanwhile, Dr. Bahija Bha Ezzi, member of the General Assembly, asked for amending the society’s regulations banning women to run for the society’s presidency stressing that these regulations deprive women from playing an active role in the field of human rights.

The general assembly’s meeting was attended by 26 out of 40 members who elected Dr. Al-Qahtani to the post. Dr. Saleh Al-Khthlan was elected as his deputy.

Dr. Hussein Al-Shareef and Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Anad also contested the poll.
Observers believe that the new incumbent will need to match the successes achieved by Al-Hajar in the past five years. “In a brief span of time, Al-Hajar succeeded in spreading a culture of human rights in the Kingdom and has set precedents that any new chairman cannot ignore.”

Al-Hajar was able to implant in the minds of the members of society the importance of human rights, observers noted.

A social activist, who declined to be named, said the phenomenal success achieved by Al-Hajar and other members would leave the new chairman with little choice but to start from where they had left off.
“He (the new chief) must have plans and a clear vision about the tasks and message of the society which has to serve citizens and residents alike,” he said.


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