First day of registration for 2008 Kuwait elections closes at 134 candidates


Today’s female candidates all agreed on the necessity to back up women issues should any of them a obtained a seat in the next parliament.


Candidate for the third constituency Dr. Ghanima Al-Haidar voiced optimism regarding women’s participation in this year’s elections, saying that the level of political awareness of both males and females have increased in the Kuwaiti society.


Jamila Al-Fawderi, also a candidate of the third constituency, said that she would focus on women-related issues along with issues concerning people with special needs, the elderly and the retired.
Another third constituency candidate, Aisha Yahya Al-Khalifi, urged women to support each other during these elections in order to give women the opportunity to serve their country through the parliament.


Candidate of the second constituency, Dr. Salwa Al-Jassar said that the current period required rather a modification to the concept of political practice, meanwhile, fourth constituency candidate Salwa Al-Mutairi hoped for a female candidate to win a parliament seat in order to represent all Kuwaiti women.
Meanwhile, Director of Elections Affairs Department at the Ministry of Interior Ali Murad said in press conference today that according to a ministerial decision, any candidate that wishes to hold a gathering to meet with potential voters at school theaters of Ministry of Education or public halls of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, must pay KD 3,000 as insurance fees.
He added that the time limit of wrapping up the gathering would be at 11 pm.


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