First Gulf nation to command CTF 152


It is the first time Coalition forces are under a Gulf nation’s command .

Guest speaker Vice Adm. Kevin J. Cosgriff, Commander, Combined Maritime Forces, said Bahrain taking charge of CTF 152 was a momentous occasion and represented one of the successes of the Coalition.


“In addition to denying violent extremists the use of the sea as a venue for terror or its facilitation, we work to help regional nations improve their own maritime capacity,” he said. “The Bahrain Navy taking command of a task force is an example of a new capability built in part with Coalition help. I hope we will soon see more countries from the region participating in the force.”

“Maritime security operations are not any one country’s mission, and no country can single-handedly achieve the goal of these operations,” he said. “That’s why we are joining our friendly navies in this imperative task.”


The coalition was, he said, responsible for the arrest of a gang of smugglers trying to bring in narcotics. He refused to specifics where the drugs originated from or where the smugglers were arrested.

Handling pirates, another source of worry for vessels crossing the waters in the region, was also part of the mandate. Though no cases had been reported in the recent past the coalition forces were on their guard, he said. Asked to comment on the developments in the region, specifically Iran, Cosgriff said it was always ready to take up any mission if any order was given but presently such an action was not part of the mandate. Under Gortney’s leadership, CTF 152 fostered relationships with local mariners by conducting more than 300 interaction patrols.

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