Foreign policy ‘makes UAE stable’


In a statement to mark the 31st anniversary of the UAE Armed Forces Unification Day, Shaikh Khalifa said: "Over the years, we have been conscious of the scale of these threats but the country’s judicious and balanced foreign policy has served as a safety valve".

"Since the inception of our country, we have pursued a policy that is based on the principles of non-interference in the affairs of other countries, resolution of regional and international conflicts through peaceful means, and supporting just causes within the framework of international law," he said.

With this even-handed policy, the UAE has been able to ward off potential problems through constructive engagement, the President said in an interview with Dira’a Al Watan magazine, a publication of the UAE Armed Forces.

"Our country has gained respect among the comity of nations, thanks to our firm foreign policy. Owing to this policy, we have also been able to foster cordial relations with many friendly and sisterly countries in addition to international organisations".

President Shaikh Khalifa, who is also the Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, lauded the domestic role of the armed forces, saying their "first and foremost duty is to serve the UAE people and offer help when and whereever the need arises".

On the external mission of the armed forces, Shaikh Khalifa said the UAE army has reached out to people in distress affected by natural disasters. In embarking on such missions, the UAE army has proved to be the best representatives of our values and culture. Their noble mission has won the hearts and minds of many people around the world, Shaikh Khalifa said.

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