GCC chief lashes out at foreign interference in Iraq



"The GCC member states are gravely concerned over the deteriorating humanitarian, political, and security situations in Iraq," Al-Attiyah said in an interview carried by the Tunisian Al-Sabah daily.


Seeking to back some Iraqi parties against others out of religious or political motives, the foreign interferences in Iraq further complicate the regretful conflict and bloodshed in Iraq, he explained.


"GCC members believe that the existence of militias in Iraq are unhelpful to the Iraqi people and to regional peace, security and stability.


"Things in Iraq got into a dark tunnel," Al-Attiyah said, pointing out that the GCC members were doing their utmost to help Iraq get out of its "dilemma." The six members of the GCC offer political and humanitarian contributions to Iraq including hospitals for treating the victims of the ongoing violence there, the GCC chief added.

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