GCC defense conference kicks off on fringe of 8th IDEX Exhibition


The conference deals with the security and defense issue of the GCC member countries as well as the developments in Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon and Afghanistan.

Inaugurating the conference, UAE Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al-Nahyan said security in the Gulf region was a prerequisite for the world security and stability.

The major international political changes are reflected in the regional current and future realities, he noted.

Addressing the opening session of the conference, Spokesman of the British House of Lords for Defense Affairs Lord Astor Of Heifer, from the Tories, asserted the importance of the Arab Gulf area for the world energy and defense affairs.

The region is facing great challenges that can affect the world peace, security and stability, he said, pointing out the necessity of solving Iran’s nuclear issue through political means.

U.S. Assistant Defense Secretary for the Middle East Affairs Mark Kemith said the region needed a road map for solving its problems.

Failure in Iraq will trigger catastrophic consequences for the region, he warned. However, he said there were no magic solutions for the Iraqi problems.

The U.S. defense plan for Iraq should be integrated in political and economic plans to stop violence in the Gulf country, he recommended.

Meanwhile, the U.S. defense official ruled out any military plans for attacking Iran. Diplomacy is still the perfect way, Kemith suggested.

The U.S. troops will stay in the region for years to come and will shoulder their military responsibilities there, he added.

This 8th edition of the biannual defence exhibition IDEX 2007 will be held between February 18 and 22 under the auspices of the UAE President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al Nahyan.

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