GCC disaster center to be operational in Kuwait soon


He said during a meeting marking the launching of a UN report on the curbing of natural disasters that the report highlights how to respond to earthquakes, flood, desertification, fire, drought, storms, pandemics and global warming.

He hailed great efforts exerted by UN Secretary-General Bank Ki-moon and other international organizations in the production of this distinguished report. In 1975-2008, nearly 9,000 disasters claimed the lives of some 2.3 people, mostly in developing countries, he quoted the report as saying.

Such disasters egregiously affect the global economy and all efforts made to boost human development in the world, the Bahraini minister added. The report is mainly aimed to urge all UN member countries’ decision-makers to exert concerted efforts to fight natural disasters, he noted. Bahrain attaches much attention to curbing natural disasters and has already set up a national disaster response committee, he said.

Bahrain is seeking to provide all sophisticated technological means to make available information and data on climate data and to include them in economic development programs, he added.


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