GCC Foreign Ministers To Meet In Riyadh



Secretary General Abdurahman Al-Attiyah expressed in a statement significance of the meeting especially as it is the first to be held following the "Jaber Summit" that was held last December, and coincides with a number of critical events that necessitate a unified GCC stance.

He said the agenda of the meeting would include a number of topics including a report on following up resolutions of the Jaber Summit pertaining to result of contacts made with the Director of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna concerning a joint study on the proposed GCC nuclear program.

The ministers will also review issues pertaining to means of consolidating the GCC joint action in the economic spheres, as well as the progress of negotiations with the European Union.

Al-Attiyah pointed out that issues of education, health, culture, labor, social affairs and security would also be discussed.

he added that the situations in Iraq, Palestine, Iran’s nuclear file, Somalia, Sudan and Darfur would also be on the agenda.


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