GCC hails EU, Russian stance on Jewish settlements


"The EU and Russia adopted the fair and right position" against the shameful and inhumane practices of the Israeli occupation authorities," the Riyadh-based GCC Secretariat said in a press release.



"The EU and Russian common stance reflects the growing concern of the international community over the illegal Israeli practices against the Palestinian people which have been accelerating since Annapolis peace conference," according to the statement.



"Israel is defying the international legitimacy through the Jewish settlement expansion and its efforts to impose a geographical and demographical fait-accompli in the occupied territories.



"Such moves constitute a new counter to the ongoing peace efforts and the U.S.-backed Road Map.



"The GCC urged the international community and sponsors of the Middle East peace process to apply pressures on Israel to force it into halting settlement expansion and protecting the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people," the statement added.


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