GCC mulls limit for expats’ stay


Jamil Hemaidan, assistant undersecretary for Labour Affairs in the Bahraini Ministry of Labour said the ministers have proposed a joint committee to decide on specialisations which could be excluded from the regulation.

Hemaidan said the ministers agreed that in case a decision is reached, all GCC states will be given time to arrange their affairs and to issue the required legislation.

He pointed out that the limit on residency period of foreign workers comes in the light of decisions of the GCC countries.

Hemaidan said the proposal could be discussed at the next summit in Muscat and added that the  committee will decide on occupations excluded from the rule.

Hemaidan said that after reviewing international conventions on workers it was found that long periods of residence of foreign labour have negative impacts on the demographic situation. Also they could tend to claim civil and political rights in case of long stay.

He said that the procedures in many countries of the world stress the need for separate the labour residency after a five-year duration. This could be for less than a year, with the aim of avoiding permanent residency or nationality.

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