GCC ‘Strategic Choice’ for regional security: Bahraini PM




Al-Khalifa said in an interview with Al-Ahram daily that recent years’ achievements resulted in stability and prosperity in the region, calling for additional efforts to expand the GCC work in the region.

He added, there are several "obstacles" that require time to overcome, although these obstacles do not effect the GCC development in any way.
On the issue of Iraq, Sheikh Al-Khalifa said that his country is aware of the dangerous situation in this country, stressing on the importance of respecting Iraq’s unity and solidarity.

He also warned from sectarian violence in Iraq, as they are intended to serve certain political purposes, and called for eliminating sedition to avert a civil war and partition of the country.

The Bahraini Premier warned from a new war in the region, due to the nuclear issue in Iran, asserting importance of abiding by international resolutions and clearing the area of any mass destruction weapons.

He concluded with highlights on the strong Bahraini-Egyptian relations, stressing on additional cooperation in various fields between the two countries.



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