GCC to discuss global warming threat


The event, which will be held at the Burj Al Arab Hotel, will bring together regional and global experts to tackle issues related to global warming and climate change and discuss ways to mitigate the effects of these potentially disastrous global trends.


The conference aims to promote environmental protection strategies that will address the environmental and economic concerns of the region and lead to environmentally sound, sustainable development.


Ali Al Kamali, Managing Director of Datamatix Group said, "Global warming and climate change are among the biggest challenges facing the mankind.


“Regardless of who is to blame, global warming affects everyone, from wealthy industrialists and oil barons to Bushmen and Bedouin, and as it intensifies, no one will be exempt from the fall out.


"So it becomes the responsibility of all governments and peoples, particularly those in the developed and developing nations to take urgent steps to confront these issues, and adopt policies and strategies that will head off the worst disasters."


Speaking about the relevance of the conference to the GCC economies, which are currently experiencing unprecedented growth, Kamali said, "The rapidly developing GCC nations stand to lose a lot if the activities that contribute to global warming and climate change continue unchecked, and they must also prepare themselves to meet the challenges that will arise from the damage that has already been done."


Kamali said the aim of the conference was to foster eco-friendly sustainable development in the region.


Datamatix is encouraging industry experts, key government representatives, economists, scientists, and academics from various countries to attend the event.

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