German TV Discusses Status Of Omani Women


During its World Mirror programme, the ARD German channel has touched on the status of Omani women in terms of opportunities available to her in education, employment, equal employment opportunities, ownership and free trade activities.

The TV programme also spoke about the Port of Sohar’s important and vital role in terms of various facilities it offers. It has also screened some videos on beaches and marine sites surrounding Muscat.

In its Global Journey programme, which had presented traditional arts of many Arab and African countries, the ARD German TV channel aired videos from Muscat Festival by focusing on the traditional industries and popular arts, citing the role of His Majesty the Sultan in preserving the ancient Omani heritage.

The programme also screened videos of Muttrah fish market and the fish species it contains.

It also screened videos on rosewater manufacturing stages in Al Jabal Al Akhdhar


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