Gitmo detainee to return soon


I can’t describe my joy at this news," said his wife, Um Abdullah. "Finally we’re going to be together after eight years of separation." The members of the flight crew on the plane bringing Al-Rabea home will be the same ones who were responsible for bringing another previous Guantanamo inmate, Khalid Al-Mutairi, home. They will also be accompanied by a psychiatrist to help Al-Rabea adjust to freedom after such a long incarceration.

Um Abdullah said all the members of Al-Rabea’s family are excitedly preparing for his return. She expressed her thanks and immense gratitude to the members of the Kuwaiti government and the rehabilitation center staff, as well as Khalid Al-Oudha, the chairman of the Popular Committee for Guantanamo Detainees’ Families, for their work to secure her husband’s release. She also thanked the Red Cross staff who had helped Al-Rabea’s family members to maintain contact and communication with him during his incarceration.


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