Government bent on job Kuwaitization: Minister


Al-Hajji, main sponsor of the gathering entitled Future Vision of Kuwaitization, said at the opening that a government plan to restructure the workforce and the government’s executive apparatus had "succeeded, since 2000, in ensuring nice jobs to some 28,000 Kuwaitis in the private sector." He added that Kuwaitization of private sector jobs was one of the government’s main priorities.


He said he was pleased with the efforts made by some executives in providing jobs to young Kuwaitis in the private sector.


He added that the gathering also provided the opportunity for those attending the venue to exchange viewpoints on how best to achieve the end result.


"The gathering focuses on several issues, including providing training as well as job and trade Kuwaitization spelling it out clearly in government contracts," Al-Hajji said.


He pointed out that the Kuwaiti example in this field was being followed in other GCC states.

He praised the efforts made by the Secretary-General of the National Job Restructuring Plan, Dr. Walid Al-Wahib and cited his achievements in this field and the role he played in supporting government development plans.


Meanwhile, the head of the Civil Service Board, Abdel-Aziz Al-Zein, said his department had made significant headway in order to ensure Kuwaitization of government jobs as far back as 1997.

He stressed that up to 90 percent of jobs were now held by Kuwaitis in some 11 government departments and between 80 and 90 percent in 11 others. But, in the others, the rate of Kuwaitization was still lagging below 80 percent.


He stated that, in 2006, 96 percent of private sector jobs were held by non-Kuwaitis leaving only a meager four percent to the Kuwaitis.


He said that a special team, which had been formed to ensure the Kuwaitization of jobs, specifically in government contract projects, had succeeded in providing some 1260 work opportunities to Kuwaitis in fields such as national health, public works, transport, education, defense, oil, the media, travel and tourism.


He added that some 219 other jobs were found in government contracted projects.

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