Gulf security chiefs warn of regional risks


"Events in Iraq require us to make effective and strong moves to deter risks that may reach us," the head of Saudi Public Intelligence, Prince Mugren bin Abdulaziz, who chaired the meeting, told the opening session.

"Such moves must be carried out through coordinated practical steps and in accordance with fast mechanisms, because slow implementation … is not in the interest of our national security," the prince said.

The head of Kuwait’s National Security Agency, Sheikh Ahmad Fahd al-Sabah, said regional situation was "highly delicate" and that the oil-rich Gulf states faced "major challenges".

The meeting was decided on at a July session in Riyadh of Gulf defence and foreign ministers, as well as intelligence chiefs, to coordinate strategy and counter fallout from the Iraq war and Iran’s nuclear standoff with the West.

Interior ministers of the countries neighbouring Iraq are also due to meet in Kuwait City on Tuesday to discuss ways to restore stability in the war-ravaged nation.


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