Haj security success despite tough times: Naif


The Kingdom does not discriminate against pilgrims based on race, color, or language as they are equal guests of Allah, he said, appreciating the adherence of pilgrims to the Kingdom’s laws.

“We are trying to make the Haj better every year,” he said.

“You have worked hard to secure the country at tough times … and have foiled hundreds of attempts targeting the Kingdom’s security,” Prince Naif addressed the commanders. Arrested suspects held on security charges will be tried, he said. “We are sorry that most of them were misled to go into that direction,” he said. Some of attack planners and supporters, unfortunately, come from this country, Prince Naif said.

“They were influenced by ideological streams that falsely claim Islam,” he said.

Despite difficult times over the past eight years, the Kingdom has never declared emergency or curfew because of the security the country enjoys, Prince Naif said.


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