Hamad describes resolutions of Arab summit as “positive”


Sheikh Hamad said in a joint press conference with Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa at the end of the 21st Arab League summit held in Doha that the ways the Arabs dealt with the summit’s resolutions were "positive", adding that the Arab differences have been "buried".


He noted to the generous gesture from the Arab countries to the Comoros, Somalia and Sudan, through extending material support to those countries in different aspects, a matter which reflects the Arab solidarity.


He said the heads of delegations participating in the summit have signed a document relating to the Arab differences which is complementary to the "Covenant" that was signed at the Tunis summit, stressing that the summit contained political and materialistic decisions to the support of some Arab countries.


He called for the need for continuity of this Arab approach, which will document the Arab solidarity.


For his part, Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa said the summit had succeeded in close the Saudi-Libyan dispute, paving the way for better inter-Arab relations.


He said the summit focused on several issues including the Arab-Israeli conflict and the issue of Sudan, adding that an agreement was reached during the summit to set a time frame to the peace process with Israel.


"In light of Israeli intransigence, we can not accept promises on the establishment of a Palestinian state nor towards the peace process, which is a negative for the Arabs".



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