Hanif launches campaign to offer educational guidance to students in UAE


The minister received at his office in Abu Dhabi a group of participating students in the presence of Ahlam Al Rumaithi, Head of Psychological Welfare Section and Supervisor of the Scheme.

Speaking to students, Dr Hassan highlighted the vital importance of the initiative which is being supported by the country’s leadership. “The scheme seeks to enlighten students of the most important jobs needed by the country, quality of education and qualitative educational output which caters for demand of the local labour market and sustainable development,” he said.

“The education for life which launched by the ministry as part of its ambitious plan to train UAE nationals and arming them with modern sciences and skills aims at making more achievements in all walks of life and maintaining gains made by the country,” he indicated. The ministry’s vision, he outlined, seeks to create an educational system at par with international educational standards.

“The vision prepares the student to lead a constructive, productive life, develop his capacities for continuous education, interact with globalisation forces so as to contribute to sustainable development in his community,” he added. Students are demanded to know the country’s requirements for certain specialisations to fuel comprehensive development engine.

The minister went on to say that the ministries as well as government and non-government organisations should identify their need for human resources in the years to come so as to maintain good coordination between the Ministry of Education and higher education and other community establishments with the aim of meeting local labour demand for required specialisations.


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