India blacklists 14 Qatari recruitment firms


A group of labourers from this company had told the open house last month that their employer was recruiting from India despite being blacklisted.
The companies are those against which the embassy has been receiving complaints, including non-payment of salaries.

Another 40 local firms have been put on the mission’s watch-list following complaints from workers about not fulfilling contractual obligations.
This is only a watch-list and as and when a company is found to have improved its track record, its name would be removed from it, Joseph said.
Half-a-dozen Indians, including two maids, are languishing at the detention centre for over six months and the Qatari authorities were tracking their sponsors to retrieve their passports, he added.

About some companies not paying the promised salaries, Joseph said the problem would continue as long as the Indian government did not insist with those taking up overseas jobs to sign a standard contract. “Thousands of workers have not seen their contracts,” he said.

The number of workers who had approached the embassy for assistance to move the court, stood at 21 in January, 30 in February, and 21 in March.
He said the Qatari authorities had eased visa restrictions for Indians and this literally had opened a floodgate. A number of Indians are arriving in Qatar to take up professional, semi-skilled and unskilled jobs, Joseph said.

A good portion of visas is going to workers. There is also a huge demand for Indian housemaids. “Everyday 20-30 maid contracts are being signed in the embassy,” Dr Joseph said.


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