Interreligious dialogue “strategic choice” – Qatar


Addressing the assembly as it began the dialogue earlier in the day, Sheikh Hamad called for a "global document" that would help disseminate and promote a culture of respect for religions and religious symbols and places of worship.

Such document, supposedly a UN resolution, would be the "best way to ensure the preservation of the human heritage and the promotion and protection of common values against the threats of isolationism and intolerance.

This, he added, should not be done only among governments, but also among the actors in the society, such as religious, social, economic, academic and artistic fields, and even at the level of the family which is the bedrock and nuclear unit of society.

Jordan’s King Abdullah II told the Assembly that it is impossible to talk about interfaith harmony, especially between East and West, without also discussing conflict resolution in the Middle East.

He said that as the Palestinian-Israeli remains unresolved, resentment and frustration are felt throughout the region and the world.

"Millions of people, especially young people, question whether the West means what it says about equality, respect and universal justice. Meanwhile, extremists – Muslim, Christian and Jewish – are thriving on the doubts and divisions.

He said that since youth are vital to success, "I hope that from this summit, we will launch student exchanges and joint university projects, to bring young people together, and show them that what humanity has in common is far greater than what separates us." He urged the participants to move the discussion forward, out of the assembly hall into the world’s homes, schools, offices and lives.

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