Iran welcomes talks to solve UAE misunderstanding over islands





Forein Ministry spokesman Hassan Qashawi said at a news conference that dialogue and bilateral talks are "the best means to settle the misunderstanding." There is no necessity to make such issues under the light of the media as they can be resolved through bilateral talks, he added.


The official spokesman was reacting the UAE Thursday’s complaint to the United Nations over Iran’s violation of the the Memorandum of Understanding both parties signed in 1971 regarding the islands of Abu Mussa, smaller and greater Tunb.


The UAE letter to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said Tehran established a maritime rescue office and an office for the registration of ships and sailors on the the island of Abu Musa which "belongs to the United Arab Emirates." Abu Dhabi strongly "protested this illegal action and considered it a blatant violation" of the 1971 MOU on arrangements concerning legal, administrative and sovereign matters related to the island.


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