Iraq and neighbours to boost intelligence exchange: Kuwait


"We have agreed to boost coordination among intelligence agencies to prevent the transfer of terrorists to and from Iraq," Kuwaiti delegation chief Major General Khaled al-Ossaimi told reporters after a two-day meeting.

Bahraini and Egyptian officials also attended the gathering to prepare the agenda for a meeting of interior ministers from Iraq’s neighbours in Kuwait on Tuesday.

"The Iraqi delegation has requested intelligence cooperation to be strengthened" in a bid to prevent the flow of foreign fighters into the country, Ossaimi said.

The Baghdad delegation complained on Saturday that foreign militants were continuing to infiltrate Iraq from neighbouring countries, Ossaimi said, without naming any state.

Syria and Iran have both been accused in the past of facilitating the flow of foreign fighters into Iraq.

Ossaimi also said that the Iraqis briefed the meeting on measures to boost internal security and on the country’s 3,631-kilometre (2,251-mile) frontier.

"They said they have boosted the strength of their border police force to five divisions," he said.

The interior ministers will study ways of preventing cross-border infiltrations and of fighting terror, and also assess security progress made by the Baghdad government.


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