Iraq eager to resume diplomatic relations with all Arabs – Maliki


During his reception of Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa, Maliki stated that Iraq was open for any kind of cooperation with other Arab countries, affirming that Iraqis were building their country on the notions of unity and loyalty to this land.
Maliki stressed that Iraq was eager to bolster unity with Arabs in order to face future challenges facing the Arab world.


Regarding the readiness of the Iraqi forces to take over security in the country, Maliki said "the Iraqi forces are more than capable to handle security after the withdrawal of US troops," adding "the Iraqi army and police had fought against terrorist elements successfully." Iraq is looking towards the future now and its’ leaving behind all the aspects that led to the disunity of Iraqis, affirmed Maliki.


On his part, Amr Moussa noted that Iraq had a bright future through the cooperation amongst its people.


He lauded the vast improvements in Iraq whether it was on the security or political level, praising the recent provincial election which was held recently in Iraq.



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