Italy backs Abdullah’s interfaith initiative


“The Italian Parliament hereby announces that it would stand by King Abdullah’s initiative and calls for a global commitment to the initiative in order to promote harmonious relations among cultures,” he said.

The Italian speaker said such an international commitment was essential to promote effective dialogue between the followers of different religions and cultures.

Fini made this comment while opening a seminar on strengthening bridges of understanding between the West and the Islamic world at the Italian Parliament. The seminar was organized as part of the GCC events in Italy.

The Italian official stressed the need to adopt the policy of dialogue to confront current challenges facing the world, including the global financial crisis. “The international community should understand that clash and confrontation would not serve humanity.”

He said that after years of misunderstanding the West has understood the wide dimensions of religions and started supporting dialogue, especially with Islam and Muslims. He also noted the efforts of the Arab League, the Organization of the Islamic Conference and the Muslim World League in support of cultural dialogue.

Fini said globalization should not be used as a pretext to impose the ideas of one party on others. He also reminded the West of the danger of its ignorance about the reality of Islam. He praised GCC’s initiative to promote interfaith and cultural dialogue and said it would contribute to strengthening world peace and stability and reducing the gap between peoples and nations.

Fini urged the European Union to consider this dimension in its relations with the GCC and speed up the signing of a free-trade agreement with the GCC.


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