Jobs top Al Wefaq MP’s agenda


“At the moment we are trying to ensure that all citizens have a decent standard of living. In our recent meeting with the Civil Services Bureau we stressed that the latter should adopt measures to help raise the salaries of the citizens working in the government and public sector,” he added.


“I must say that three months is too little time to calibrate the performance of a deputy. We have been studying the issues and taking them up with the government.



“The housing issue is a good example. The rent allowance was BD100 and we have now asked for an increase to BD150-BD200 for all those who applied for housing five years ago,” he added.



“I continue to receive job applications. Joblessness is a major issue. We as deputies are looking into every potential. In our quest to find vacancies and develop more employment potential, most deputies are in touch with the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry to woo investment to create more jobs. Only with their help can more jobs be created in the private sector,” he said.



“The questions that I have asked the ministers are yet to be answered. In addition, it is a collective effort to bring accountability to Batelco and Alba. We plan to follow up on our questions on economy and housing and other infrastructure for the benefit of the citizens,” the deputy said.


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