Khalifa expressed UAE commitment to continue support Afghanistan


The Afghan president expressed his country’s profound gratitude and deep appreciation to the UAE for contributing US$ 250 million in support of Afghanistan and for the positive role the UAE continues to play in the reconstruction of Afghanistan through the donors’ conference held recently in Kabul.

President Karzai said the UAE’s generous contribution reflects the spirit of solidarity and brotherhood in bilateral relations between the two countries, adding that it is also a continuation of the UAE’s series of initiatives in support of the Afghan people to enable them regain control of their country’s security, stability and the rebuilding of the country’s national services institutions.

Sheikh Khalifa expressed the hope that the reconstruction programme would continue unabated, adding that social and economic development would create the necessary climate for sustaining security and stability to enable the Afghan people overcome the trauma of wars and painful incidents they have gone through in the past years.

The UAE president expressed his country’s commitment to continue to support Afghanistan by supporting the Afghan government’s reconstruction efforts.

He stressed on the need to boost fraternal ties between the two countries for their mutual interest.


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