Kharafi asserts importance of applying laws as directed by Kuwaiti Amir



Speaking to reporters following a meeting with his Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah and members of the ministerial coordination committee, Kharafi thanked the prime minister and members of the committe for attending a session with the parliament’s office, wishing fruitful outcome of the encounter in the near future.


Stressing the parliament’s keenness on cooperating with the government, he described the talks as "frank" during which issues that need coordination between the legislative and executive authorities were brought up.
He stressed siginificance of joint positive action to avert future tension between the two authorities, noting that answers of deputies’ questions and attendance of ministers and government officials to parliamentary committee meetings were negative behaviour that dominated the former stage.
Kharafi called on ministers to coordinate with parliamentary committees, pointing out the right of the government members for sufficient time to outline their final reports of replying to lawmakers’queries.
He said government and parliament priorities were reviewed during today’s meeting, noting that the government has the right to hold private sessions of the parliament.
During the meeting, significance was also given to equality among citizens, Kharafi said, noting that the prime minister has pledged to carry out directives of His Highness the Amir on application of the law to guarantee such equality.
He expressed hope that the spirit that dominated the talks would lead to reaching positive results and more stability and execution of development projects.
Kharafi said work could be done in next Tuesday’s session if readiness and coordination existed between the two parties, calling on members of parliament and government to avoid lengthy speeches when addressing items on the agenda to finish the job.
He said parliamentary questions were guaranteed by the constitution and parliament’s bylaws.
On a possible questioning by MP Dhaifallah Buramya against the Minister of Finance Badr al-Humaidhi, Kharafi called on the press to refrain from reporting issues that were not brought up at the parliament session, noting that there is no interpellation presented to the house on the finance minister.
On parliamentary bylaws, Kharafi said there is no law that stipulates a female minister to wear a head cover or Islamic hijab. The speaker was referring to Nuriya Subeeh, the newly appointed liberal minister of education and minister of higher education.
Doha Rally Condemns Iraq Occupation
The Peninsula: A large number of people took to the streets of Doha  to condemn the American occupation of Iraq and the atrocities being perpetrated on innocent civilians in the Palestinian Authority.
The call for the rally was given by the Central Municipal Council (CMC) and members of various sports clubs as well as Qatari and expatriate organisations took part.
Roads were closed and traffic was diverted from the main Corniche road as protestors wound their way from the public park near the Doha Sheraton to a location opposite the postal headquarters on the Corniche road.
People were carrying placards with slogans written on them denouncing the Iraqi occupation by the Americans and the killing of civilians in Palestine.
People were also shouting slogans like ‘Khyber, Khyber, Ya Yehood!’ (Oh Jews, have you forgotten the battle of Khyber?) and ‘No to occupation and sectarian divide in Iraq’.
The rally, which began at around 4pm, ended after about two hours. A podium was erected at the culmination point and the gathering was addressed by a number of people, including the CMC Chairman, Ibrahim Al Haidoos.
He said that despite the fact that the call for the rally was given at very short notice, it was a huge success. Dr Mohamed Al Musfir told people that the rally has been primarily organised on the eve of Arab leaders’ meet in Riyadh to draw their attention to the issues of Iraq and Palestine.
Present was Dr Saif Al Hajri, Vice-Chairman of Qatar Foundation. In remarks to The Peninsula, he said earlier that Qatar has been doing a lot for a long time to help alleviate the sufferings of the Iraqi people. Among other things, Qatar has been sponsoring a number of Iraq students to study here at various levels, he said.

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