King Abdullah’s dialogue initiative a road to peace: HRC


This was confirmed by a statement issued by the Human Rights Commission (HRC) in the Kingdom today, on the occasion to mark World Human Rights Day. The statement pointed out that the Kingdom would continue to abide by all international and regional rights treaties and agreements which it has signed. Also, the Kingdom reaffirms its right to have reservations about some articles of these agreements that do not agree with the teachings of the Shariah.

The Commission said: “The Kingdom attaches importance to the rights of all segments of society within the sphere of justice and equality that will guarantee protection of the nation as well as its unity and stability.” The Commission called for rejection of hatred and condemned the continuation of policies of ethnic cleansing and bloodshed.

The Commission pointed out that the Kingdom adopts the policy of moderation in all its dealings and rejects the policy of occupation that violates the sanctities of the people. From this standpoint, the Kingdom stresses the right of these people to freedom, independence and the protection of their honor.

The statement drew attention to the fact that while the Human Rights Commission is participating with the world in marking World Human Rights Day, it reminds the world of the importance of implementing what the declaration calls for. It said the declaration was an accomplishment for humanity and a turning point on the way to international solidarity as a result of the positive interaction between civilizations, cultures and religions to form an umbrella of “human rights” most of which are in conformity with the best aspects of human nature and the teachings of religions that carry one message calling on the mankind to worship one Almighty God. Also, they organize relations between individuals in society on the basis of equality as ordained by Allah.

In its statement, the Commission added: “The royal initiative that was launched by King Abdullah, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, that called upon the followers of all religions to meet and hold dialogue is a clear proof of the Kingdom’s stance and its firm belief in the importance and value of dialogue between different religions, cultures and civilizations, considering it the only means to support and spread peace and stability worldwide.”
The Commission said the initiative confirms tolerance as enjoined by Islam that leads to peace.


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