Kuwait always stands by Lebanon: Kuwait diplomat


Al-Qenai said, after a visit to Tripoli in northern Lebanon at the invitation of Samir Al-Jisr, an MP of the future bloc, that the Arab peace initiative must be implemented starting from the election of a President followed by the formation of a government representing all spectrums of society and preparation of an electoral law.


The ambassador said that he discussed with Al-Jisr needs of the city of Tripoli, particularly in terms of the issue of development and developmantal services.


Al-Qenai pointed to the existence of projects submitted by the Kuwaiti Fund for Arab Economic Development (KFAED) in Tripoli, Akkar and Al-Thunia, adding that a KFAED envoy would soon be visiting the area to put the finishing touches on these projects in preparation for the signing of agreements on them.


In response to a question, the ambassador recalled that "there was no warning for the Kuwaiti nationals after their visit to Lebanon but it was an advice to them to take up precautionary measures." He underscored that there are three planes daily that transport back and forth the Kuwaiti citizens from and to Lebanon, saying that proves the love borne by the Kuwaitis to Lebanon.
He expressed hope that Lebanon would eventually reach a solution to its political crisis and overcome all difficulties through the implementation of the Arab initiative.


For his part, Al-Jisr said this occasion was to express the gratitude of the Lebanese people to Kuwait’s continued support for a long time at all political, economic and social levels.
Al-Jisr conveyed to the Ambassador gratitude of all Lebanese to "all efforts exerted by Kuwait in supporting Lebanon politically and its positions without exception."



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