Kuwait Develops Military Might



The Supreme political authority in Kuwait puts great efforts in developing military capabilities in the armed forces, through organizing specialized training courses, and the participation in military exercises, in addition to providing updated weapons.


The Kuwaiti youth is keen on joining the army forces, based on their belief that protecting the homeland is a top priority stipulated by the constitution in Article 68.


The military college which celebrates today the graduation of a new batch of officers was established in Oct 14, 1968, whereas the first batch graduated from the college in May 1970.


The Ali Al-Sabah Military College is educational military institute specialized in educating and training students, in the aim of developing a leadership generation, in addition to expanding their insights.


The college graduates students after one year with a title of lieutenant, as for college and high school certificates, the study program is three years, when completed the student will be titled lieutenant with a bachelors degree in military sciences.


The development of the Kuwaiti army and National guards, increasing the level of security in the country and updating weapons and military facilities, is one of the top priorities of the Amir.

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