Kuwait, Iraq discuss maintaining border markers with U.N.


The Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations, Jean-Marie Guenhenno, made the offer during a meeting with Kuwaiti and Iraqi delegates in New York to discuss this issue with the Secretariat, late on Monday, according to officials who took part in the meeting.

Head of the Kuwaiti delegation Ambassador Majdi Al-Dhifiri told KUNA following the meeting, that this meeting came to implement U.N. Security Council resolution 833 on demarking Iraqi-Kuwaiti borders.

A technical team from the U.N. has issued a report and recommendations on the situation, Al-Dhifiri said.

Kuwait is working to implement all the recommendations and have taken all the measures; Iraq still needs to tackle a few issues, he added.

The delegations will review maps and images with the U.N. team Tuesday to see the measures that still need to be taken by both sides, the ambassador said.

During the meeting the two delegations will also be briefed about the U.N. team’s work and coordinate with the technical teams in both Kuwait and Iraq, he added.

Al-Dhifiri said this meeting is not about demarking borders but about maintaining border posts.



Bahraini PM urges maintaining national democratic atmospheres



KUNA: Bahraini Premier Sheikh Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa stressed Monday maintaining national accomplishments through observing responsible democracy and meeting the needs of citizens.

According to Bahrain News Agency (BNA), Sheikh Khalifa received a number of ministers, MPs and officials, and explained that democracy is the structure designed to preserve national achievements.

Once intentions are pure and views concur, achieving goals will be very easy and Bahrain’s people have no choice but maintain unity through cooperation of executive and legislative powers, he added.
He urged ministers to fully cooperate against unacceptable social behavior and ensure the society’s safety.


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