Kuwait Launches Automated Labour Service


The minister made the announcement during a news conference held on the occasion of launching the new project at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor.’


By adopting the new project, in collaboration with the Civil Services Commission, the ministry wanted to simplify and streamline its procedures in the labor and social care sector for the sake of Kuwaiti citizens and residents, he added.


The fresh service will jettison the negativities of the paper work system and pave the way for updating citizens’ data in an accurate and thorough manner, the minister said.


But, the ministry still has much work to do ahead of the completion of the project, especially as the private sector in the country employs 1.85 million workers, including 26,000 Kuwaitis.


The project is to be launched on a trial basis for three months, the minister of social affairs and labor pointed out.


The Kuwaiti Cabinet had earlier asked the Civil Services Commission, in collaboration with other state agencies involved, to streamline and simplify procedures for citizens and residents in the country.

The new labor and social service automation project is considered an integrated application of the e-government concept.

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