Kuwait MPs demand Al-Jarrah’s immediate resignation


Sources gave an example of the sudden apology of the Minister of Oil Sheikh Ali Al-Jarrah despite earlier assurances to colleagues that he would not. The sources added that most ministers do not know whether there were any reshuffling plans after the return of HH the premier from his Asia tour nor do they know whether Al-Jarrah would even attend the interpellation session and face the consequences.



Furthermore, the sources added that most Cabinet members were in a state of fear and concern about their own destinies and that most of them had been avoiding taking part in any discussion during Cabinet or Parliament meetings so as not to be quoted and accused of leaking what happens behind doors.



The sources also stressed that some other ministers were doing their best to avoid confrontations with lawmakers and thus ‘Silence is Gold’ is becoming the golden rule to keep their posts. A minister , who spoke to the sources on terms of anonymity, said that the present cabinet lacked the ‘team work’ spirit.


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