Kuwait MP’s To File Complaints Against Ministers


 “Such actions are against the reform plans of the government and violate the regulation of the Civil Service Commission (CSC),” he added. The source said Deputy Premier, Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs Dr Ismail Al-Shatti, State Minister for National Assembly Affairs Abdulhadi Al-Saleh, and Education Minister Dr Adel Al-Tabtabaei have issued many decisions to promote their relatives who are working in government departments, adding “these decisions were taken without consulting CSC or the Cabinet, which are against such promotions.”

Claiming Al-Shatti issued three such decisions after the resignation of the government, the source said “Al-Saleh, who was complaining the Ministry of State for National Assembly Affairs has a lot of managers, has appointed four new managers in the ministry.” Al-Tabtabaei has issued six such decisions which are against the principle of CSC and the Cabinet, he said.

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