Kuwait nat’l POWs committee calls for issuing new legislations


In a press release issued on the occasion of the United Nations’ marking of the International Day of the Disappeared, NCMPA stressed on the importance of giving international organizations, especially International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), a chance to assist families to communicate with their imprisoned relatives through letters, phone calls, and the internet.


It emphasized the importance of gathering information on the missing to enable organizations to search for them.


NCMPA described the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990 as a harsh experience on the missing and their families, adding that if the ICRC was allowed to perform its operations in the state, Iraqi forces would not have arrested Kuwaitis and transferred them to Iraq.


The committee called on other countries to support the families of the missing socially, psychologically, and financially as Kuwait did.


It stressed that the Kuwaiti government did not only support families of missing Kuwaitis, but also families of foreigners that were also held by Iraqi forces during the invasion.


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