Kuwait oil minister said to mull resignation on ‘grilling’


Meanwhile, Sheikh Ali Al-Jarrah, who is in Egypt on an official visit, said “I will not talk about my resignation at this stage. Kuwait is a free country and everybody has the right to take his own decision.”


Minister of Communications and State Minister for National Assembly Affairs Sharida Al-Meosherji said “in its meeting the Cabinet will spend sometime to discuss this issue and listen to Sheikh Ali Al-Jarrah’s explanations on the alleged public funds violations committed by him.”

In a related development, a reliable source said “the Popular Bloc will not reveal when it will present its grilling motion against the Oil Minister before its representative MP Marzouq Al-Hubaini meets the Prime Minister on Sunday.” Al-Hubaini will inform Sheikh Nasser Mohammed that there can be no cooperation between the Parliament and government if Sheikh Ali Al-Jarrah is allowed to stay in the Cabinet, he added.

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