Kuwait parliament urges segregation in private colleges



Praising Al-Subeeh who attended the committee meeting for her cooperation and understanding of the necessity of full implementation of segregation education law, chief of the committee Walid Al-Tabtabaei told reporters that the reality of private colleges went against the law which provided for male-female separation in all classroom, cafeterias, and sports activities.


The committee asked the minister to notify the private tertiary education institutions nationwide to abide by the law or face legal penalties, Al-Tabtabaei noted.

The penalties could include withhold of "academic approvals," he warned.
To avoid such penalties and correct their situations, the private colleges can assign the current facilities for one gender and set up separate facilities for the other gender, he suggested.

The private colleges were founded after the issuance of the law against mixed education, so they are forced to abide by it, the senior parliamentarian asserted.
To enhance the social service and prevent some misconducts in schools the committee asked the minister to assign a sociologist for each classroom, rather than for each school.

One sociologist can not care for up to 500 school children. They can care for just 50 school children, according to Al-Tabtabaei.




Jobs Secured For 304 Bahrainis In Qatar


Bahrain Tribune: A total of 304 locals will benefit initially from a memorandum of understanding signed to secure jobs for Bahrainis in Qatar.

The agreement was signed by the Minister of Labour, Dr Majeed bin Mohsen Al Alawi, and the Qatari Minister of Social Services and Housing, Dr Hassan bin Sultan Al Dousari.

The Bahrainis – 276 males and 28 females – will leave to take up jobs in Qatar.
The ministry also signed a memo, guaranteeing Bahrain workers’ rights in Qatar. Under the agreement, the labour office will run by the ministry.

Dr Al Dousari said another office to secure jobs for Bahrainis in the private sector would be opened by the year-end. “Bahrainis will enjoy all the privileges enjoyed by Qatari workers.”

He said Qatar was willing to share expertise with Bahrain in all fields. Dr Alawi said the agreement aimed to strengthen relations between both countries.


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