Kuwait Petroleum Company officials accused of embezzlement




He was quoted by Al-Qabas newspaper as saying that millions of  dinars had been embezzled at the petroleum training centre.


Al-Obaid said that since 2007 the society has pressed for legal procedures against these vilations and sent reports to the former Minister of Oil Mohammed Al-Olaim and the head of the parliamentary committee for safeguarding public funds, MP Ahmad-Melaifi.


The Society for Safeguarding Public Funds has also sent petitions to Executive Chief of KPC Saad Al-Shewaib and asked for an investigation to be opened against negligent officials who should be referred to the relevant authorities.


Al-Obaid said that the society has been monitoring the situation at government bodies for a long time, in cooperation and coordination with parliamentary groups. Their efforts have been backed up by reports issued by the Audit Bureau about work progress in government authorities.

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