Kuwait Prepared To Replace Sponsorship System


On the recent demonstrations staged by expatriate workers in Kuwait following the delay in the payment of their salaries, Al-Haroun said “the government and the concerned companies should share the responsibility for this unfortunate issue.” Indicating the government doesn’t attest the employment contracts between workers and their sponsors, he said “this often leads to the misuse of the contracts by sponsors and labourers. The government is not monitoring sponsors who violate the rights of their employees.”

“The Kuwait branch of ILO will soon submit a proposal requesting a change in the existing sponsorship system, which gives employers the upper hand and helps them to treat their labourers in an inhuman manner,” Al-Haroun said. “The Kuwaiti government should implement all international labor laws to protect national and expatriate manpower.” Al-Haroun went on to say the word ‘immigration’ does not exist in the dictionary of GCC countries, adding “expatriate workers come here to make some money and return to their motherlands. Expatriate workers in Kuwait should get their rights and there should be no discrimination between them and Kuwaitis.”

Stressing the government should give Kuwaiti citizenship to expatriates who have stayed in the country for the required number of years according to the law, he said “GCC countries should look into this issue if they want to improve their international reputation.” “The ILO Office in Kuwait, which has excellent ties with the Kuwait Human Rights Association and Kuwait Lawyers Association, will maintain good relations with everybody who is keen to protect human rights in the country,” he said.

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