Kuwait rights panel creates report about abusive companies




In the report, the committee plans to impose strict penalties against companies which have abused their expatriate employees and it also plans to ban these companies from hiring more expatriate laborers. The committee will mention the names of those companies in a supplementary report that will be attached to their main report.

Members of the human rights committee pointed out that they had conducted several visits to the abusive companies and had gathered large amounts proof about how these companies had mistreated their employees. The committee members also discovered that some officials and employees from various ministries assisted these companies to commit legal violations against expatriate employees.

The committee members also discovered that some companies which were caught abusing their employees were already closed by some former ministers, but other high ranking ministry officials had still allowed these companies to bring in more workers. The members noted in their report that these ministry officials and employees should also be investigated and penalized due to their administrative corruption.

The members of the committee said the report will be discussed in a top secret way and if proven guilty, all people involved in abusing expatriate laborers mentioned in the report will be referred to the public prosecution. The committee pointed out that even if these people are prominent businessmen or MPs or ministers, no one will be exempt from prosecution as these are the instructions of HH the Amir and HH the crown prince.



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