Kuwait seeks end to Iraq’s unrest: Sheikh Mohammad


The prime minister, in an interview with the weekly magazine Al-Musawwar due for publishing Friday, said Kuwait was backing up the Iraqi government to help halt the sectarian warfare there.



"The Iraqi people, not politicians, are the biggest losers from the ongoing sectarian strife in Iraq," Sheikh Nasser said. He added that he could "hardly imagine one Muslim individual killing his Muslim brother. This is a full-scale catastrophe, which God forbid could lead to a division of Iraq along sectarian and ethnic lines." He called on Iraqi politicians to set up a democratic regime serving the interests of Iraq and the Iraqi people and stressed that Iraq’s political stability would reflect positively on the political stability on Iraq’s neighbors.



"Kuwait is also looking forward to setting up brotherly relations with Iraq, " Sheikh Nasser said.



He added that, unfortunately, people were getting killed in Iraq for their sectarian loyalty. He called on the Iraqi people to come back to their senses and not let themselves be plunged further in the current bloodshed.



He cautioned against worsening of the sectarian threat not only in Iraq, but elsewhere in the Arab world specifically in Lebanon.


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