Kuwait, Syrian hold talks


Al-Sabah arrived here from Cairo where he held talks with Egyptian officials on security cooperation. He is also due to visit Jordan after his two-day stay in Damascus.



"Current events in the Arab world constituted a threat to stability of the region and the potential reflections of these events in a number of Arab countries would form a threat to neighbouring states," Al-Sabah said, noting that consultations and coordination is aimed at backing joint security efforts in face of the potentials.



He said security bodies in Kuwait and Syria attach great importance to coordination and exchange of views regarding security developments that would highlight the true joint Arab security efforts.


He expressed hope that talks in Damascus would birth positive results in back up of joint Arab security action.



Al-Sabah said the general interest in the region’s stability and security of its people takes place amidst a wave of violence in more than one place in the Arab world and whatever dangers its negative impacts represented.



Developments and its different patterns are based on the availability of security and stability which makes role of security bodies extremely important, Al-Sabah said, pointing out signifcance of pre-imptive arrangements that the security bodies undetake against whatever threatens the region’s stability.


On Syrian-Kuwaiti cooperation to prevent entry of Kuwaiti nationals to Iraq, the minister said Kuwait was highly coordinating with officials here to prevent such action and are cooperating to put off sedition in Iraq and help the people of Iraq overcome their problems.



Sheikh Jaber Al-Khalid Al-Sabah held talks here Monday with his Syrian counterpart Mohammad Abdulmajid on security coordination to counter regional threats.



The meeting was attended by senior officials from both sides.



Sheikh Jaber, who arrived here earlier today, met with the Syrian army chief of staff General Ali Mahmoud Habi.


The Kuwaiti minister, who visited Egypt, is expected to fly to the Jordanian capital, Amman, on Tuesday.


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