Kuwait urges Iran to cooperate with IAEA


‘We believe in the importance of reaching a peaceful solution, but at the same time we call on the Iranian officials to extend full coopaeration with the IAEA,’ Emir Shaikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Sabah was quoted by the official KUNA news agency as saying.



Shaikh Sabah also called for making the Gulf and the whole Middle East region ‘free of weapons of mass destruction,’ although he said all countries have the right to possess nuclear energy for peacefull purposes.



In July, the oil-rich emirate said it opposed any military strike against Teheran, and called for a negotiated settlement of the standoff over Teheran’s nuclear programme.



Western powers are to meet in Washington on Friday to discuss a new UN Security Council sanctions resolution in the standoff amid talk of possible military strikes against Iran.



The United States has said it would prefer to resolve the standoff diplomatically but has not ruled out military action.



Iran consistently denies it is trying to build nuclear weapons and says it merely wants to generate energy.


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